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UNIJOS Cut Off Mark 2023/2024 For All Courses & Aggregate

UNIJOS Cut Off Mark: what is University of Jos aggregate cut off mark for 2023?, Will UNIJOS accept 180 JAMB Score for Post UTME?, UNIJOS Cut off mark for all courses?, will I be admitted to study chemistry if I don’t score up to 50% in UNIJOS Post UTME?

Hey SAVANT! in today’s episode of my “Admission Guide Series” I will show you Departmental & JAMB Cut off mark for the University of Jos (UNIJOS), here you will also learn how to calculate your aggregate points and know where you stand… STAY TUNED!

UNIJOS Complex
UNIJOS Complex

My guess is, you chose UNIJOS as your first choice in JAMB or you are planning to register for JAMB and have the intention of selecting the University of Jos as your preferred institution.

Whatever category you belong to, just know that you are on the right path?.

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Admission into any school in Nigeria is like a tug of war, yearly, you have over one million students applying to the different Federal, State and Private Universities around the country

…and out of this number only about 500,000 thousands (arguably) students will be given admission, what then happen to the remaining students?, they will be expected to stay at home and prepare for the next JAMB. Quite an Irony right?

Hence the need for a filter system well best performing students are selected, in this post I will provide the fixed cut off mark for the different courses in UNIJOS.

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Is UNIJOS Cut Off Mark Out?

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Yes, UNIJOS cut off mark is out.

This cut off mark is not the same for all courses, so you will have some courses with cut off mark as high as 240 and some as low as 180.

What Is UNIJOS JAMB Cut Off Mark?

UNIJOS Cut off mark is 180 – 240 in JAMB depending on the course you applied for.

Therefore, it is expedient you confirm the exact cut off mark for the course you wish to study.

Student unable to make up to score required for their designated course, will not be eligible to apply for UNIJOS Post UTME.

UNIJOS Cut Off Mark For All Courses

UNIJOS Cut Off Mark
UNIJOS Cut Off Mark

UNIJOS do not use a one size fit all cut off mark system, each course have its unique cut off mark which eligible must score above, below is the individual score for UNIJOS;

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1Faculty of Agriculture
a.Agricultural Science170180
2Faculty of Arts
a.Mass Communication200220
b.Theatre and Film Arts190200
c.All other Programmes170180
3Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
4Faculty of Clinical Sciences
a.Medicine and Surgery230240
5Faculty of Dental Sciences
6Faculty of Education  
a.All Programmes170180
7Faculty of Engineering
a.Civil Engineering190200
b.Electrical Electronics Engineering190200
c.Mechanical Engineering190200
d.Mining Engineering170180
8Faculty of Environmental Sciences
b.All other Programmes170180
9Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology
a.Nursing Sciences200210
b.Medical Laboratory Science200210
10Faculty of Law
11Faculty of Management Sciences
b.Business Administration200220
c.All other Programmes170180
12Faculty of Natural Sciences
a.Computer Science200220
c.Science Laboratory Technology190200
d.All other Programmes170180
13Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
14Faculty of Social Sciences
d.All other Programmes170180
15Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
a.Veterinary Medicine210230

Wrapping Up

UNIJOS cut off mark for JAMB is 180 – 240 depending on the course in question.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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