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JAMB Recommended Computer Studies Textbooks 2024/2025

Waec and Jamb Subject Combination For Computer Education

JAMB Recommended Computer Studies Textbooks: What are the JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Computer?, What topics should I focus on, In JAMB Computer Studies?, Computer Science Textbook pdf download

Do you find yourself searching for some of the best Computer Studies textbooks you can use in your 2024/2025 JAMB preparation? then you are definitely reading the right article.

Waec and Jamb Subject Combination For Computer Education
JAMB Recommended Computer Studies Textbooks

In Today’s Episode of my “JAMB Doctor Series” I will provide you with the list of “JAMB recommended Computer Studies textbooks” and where you can download a pdf version for them

…so you can start your JAMB preparation proper. Nahhh, there is no need to thank me, moreover, what are friends for??


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JAMB Recommended Textbooks are simply, a collection of textbooks written by authority authors in their various field, in such a way that JAMB believes students (JAMBite) would get the most out of a particular topic when these textbooks are used.

This means, if you have been having issues studying any course you will be sitting for in JAMB , which in this case is Computer Studies, you can try out any of the textbooks recommended by JAMB.

These JAMB recommended Textbooks explain the topics in such a way that even a layman who is not to conversant with Computer Studies would understand, and even give you examples and standard practice questions.

Interesting right?

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There are so many reasons why you should use JAMB recommended textbooks for Computer Studies over those not recommended by JAMB, some of these reasons include.

1. These Texbooks covers all the topics on JAMB Syllabus

Not all Computer Studies textbooks contains all the topics JAMB recommend you study before sitting for your UTME Exam, all the topics you are required to cover are listed in JAMB syllabus.

But with using these textbooks from JAMB, you can be rest assured that all the topics you need to read about are covered in it and explained in details.

2. JAMB Lifts some questions from these Textbooks

YES, not all questions asked in JAMB are freshly prepared, some if not most of these questions where lifted from already prepared source, of which these recommended textbooks is one of.

So by studying these textbooks, you are indirectly answering potential JAMB questions.

With these two reasons, you should see reasons why you should get one of the JAMB recommended Computer Studies Textbooks and start reading.

Best Texts For Computer Studies
Best Texts For Computer Studies
1.A Textbook for Year 11 – Computer Studies Bibhya Sharma, Shaveen Singh & Vijay Singh, Publisher: Technology and Employment Skills Training Ministry of Education, Fiji.
2.Addan Emmanuel (2013). My Computer for Senior Secondary Schools 1, 2, 3 with Practical Training CD. Valueplus Publication Limited.
3.Adebisi, A. J. (2013). Fundamentals of Computer Studies, Nigeria: Expert Consults, Available on R_STUDIES for free
4.Adedapo F. O. Mitchell A. S. and Agunbiade D. A. (Assessed on August 6, 2021): Online with Computer Senior Secondary 2;
5.Brookshear, J. G. (1991). Computer Science: An Overview. Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Co. Inc.
6.Chiemeke Stella C., Souley Boukari, Olumide B. Longe (Assessed on August 6, 2021); Computer Studies for Senior Secondary Schools; University Press Plc.,
7.Doyle, S (1995). Computer Studies for You, USA: Nelson Thomas Ltd, 2nd Edition. Available at
8.Driscoll, T. & Dolden R. (1998). Computer Studies and Information Technology (The Motivate Series), Nigeria: Macmillan Education, Available at
9.Henderson, P. (1987, February), Modern Introductory Computer Science. In Proceedings of the eighteen SIGCSE technical symposium on Computer Science education (pp. 183-190).
10.HiiT@School (Assessed on August 6, 2021); Computer Studies for Senior Secondary Education; HiiT
11.Ojo D. J. (2018). Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination on Data Processing. Past Questions and Answers (2014 – 2020). Published by TONAD Publishers Limited. (Theory, Objectives and Practical)
12.Otuka J. O. E. Akande A. F. and Iginla S. I. (2019): New Computer Studies 1-3; LearnAfrica
13.Senior School Certificate Examinations/National Examination Council (SSCE/NECO). Past Questions and Answers on Computer Studies (Theory/Objectives).
14.Sloan, R. H., & Troy, P. (2008). CS 0.5: a better approach to introductory computer science for majors. ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, 40(1), 271-275.
This table contains JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Computer Science

How To Download JAMB Computer Studies Textbooks PDF for free

For those who may want to download some of these textbooks instead, attached to the table containing the list of these textbooks are links, that for the textbooks on number three (3) is offered for free on research gate.

You can also check on the free Pdf downloading website

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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