JAMB Invalid Email Format: Each time I try to link my email address to JAMB, it keeps telling me “INVALID EMAIL FORMAT” how can I fix this?, why is JAMB telling me my email is invalid?, JAMB email verification, how can I link my Email address to JAMB portal without getting the Invalid email format error?.

Hey SAVANT! welcome to today’s episode of my “JAMPEDIA Series“, here I will show you the right steps to take in resolving the issue of INVALID EMAIL FORMAT in JAMB each time you try linking your desired email address to JAMB. STAY TUNED?

Jamb Efacility Login
JAMB Efacility Login

I guess by now, you know how important it is for you to link your email to JAMB, because, without your email address properly linked to your JAMB profile, you will not be able to enjoy the many benefits that comes with being able to access your Student’s JAMB online portal, such as;

Understanding how important this is, and that some students may face challenges when trying to link their Email to JAMB, I prepared a guide on one of my tutortainment series title? “how to link email address to JAMB Portal” guiding you on the right steps to take when linking your email to JAMB…

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But unfortunately, some students still encountered errors each time they tried using the methods I showed to them there, if you are one of these students that keeps getting the Invalid email format response from JAMB each time you try linking your email address to JAMB, then today is your lucky day.

I have taken out time to determine what the underlining cause of this issue is and how you can easily resolve them, so you can access your JAMB CAPS and enjoy the many pros that comes with it.

Did I just hear you say thank you?, come on, no need for that, moreover what are friends for?… ENJOY!

Why Do JAMB Keep telling me That my email is invalid?

Jamb Invalid Email Format Response
JAMB Invalid Email Format Response

There are two major reasons why you may get this error (Invalid email format) each time you try linking your Email address to JAMB online profile, these reasons are;

  1. The context of the message you sent to 55019 did not follow the specified format by JAMB
  2. The Email you are trying to link to JAMB was not what you registered JAMB with.

I will explain each of these two possible causes, and how you can find your way around them, keep reading diligently for details…

1. SMS was not formatted Properly

Link email to jamb via text
Link email to JAMB via text

Some students, when they try linking their email to JAMB, the way they format the text message does not correspond with JAMB recommendation, and this can make the entire process not successful.

If you want the linking to be successful, the SMS you send must follow the right pattern as shown in the image above…

…to make this easy for you, I have prepared the text format here in this post, all you have to do now is copy the text I will provide you with shortly and paste it on your SMS app.

[email protected] 
[email protected]

Copy the text above and paste on your text app, then edit the email replacing it without your correct email address.

Mind You: This email address must be what you registered JAMB with

This brings me to the next possible cause…

2. Trying To Link An email Address You did Not Register JAMB With

JAMB made email not a compulsory requirement for JAMB registration, and as such, some JAMB registration centers did not bother asking students for their Email address when they were been registered.

These set of students (those their email address were not registered with JAMB during registration) cannot use the normal SMS method to link their Email address to JAMB, if they must link their email address they will have to follow the procedures below…

But how do I know if I registered JAMB with my email address already?????

Good question, you can tell if you registered JAMB with your email address simply by checking your JAMB registration slip, on the slip, under PERSONAL DETAILS, you will find something like this…

Surname: *******
First Name: ******
Other Name: ******
Date of Birth: ******
Physically Challenged: ******
Gender: ******
GSM No./eMail: ******

At the last information “GSM No./eMail” check to see if your Email address was clearly stated, if the space for email is empty, then you did not register with JAMB but if it shows an email address, that is the email address you are to link to JAMB.

With these piece of information, am confident you won’t have a hard time trying to link your email address to JAMB.

In Conclusion

You will mostly get the Invalid email Format feedback error each time you try to link your email address through 55019 when the email address you are trying to link is not what you registered JAMB with or when you did not register JAMB with any email address at all.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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2 months ago

Each time I tried to link my email it keeps showing Email already supplied

Peter Idara Saturday
Peter Idara Saturday
5 months ago

During jamb registration
Under personal details
In the place of GSM No./e-mail my phone number was their
And that what i have in my registration slip and i can’t login to jamb portal
Please can i do?

2 months ago

My email is not showing there also

Last edited 2 months ago by Sulaimon
Ebenebe Ebuka
Ebenebe Ebuka
6 months ago

I uploaded my O level results on JAMB portal yesterday and I decided to confirm today by checking CAPS but it keeps telling me “you are not eligible to use this service” and I crossed checked by making sure I inserted the correct reg. no & year registered but it keeps telling me the same thing. Pls what should I do?

2 months ago
Reply to  DrugSavant

Am having the same problem here sir,wat can I do