How To Check JAMB Mock Center, Date & Exam Time: How do I check my JAMB Mock center date?, How do I check my JAMB print out?, Is JAMB Mock reprint out?, How will I be able to know my 2023 JAMB Mock exam venue and time?, how to print JAMB mock slip?, when is mock exam starting 2023?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to another exciting episode of “JAMB Doctor Series” in this episode I will show you how you can know your 2023 JAMB Mock examination date and center, here you will also learn the exact date for JAMB reprinting. Cool right?, STAY TUNED!????

JAMB Mock Exam

For those who indicated interest to sit for the 2023 JAMB Mock Exam and paid the extra cost of N1000 during registration, my guess is, you were surprised your Mock Exam date, Center/venue and time was not given to you, and then you were like, how will I know the exact date for my exam and the JAMB center I will sit for the Mock exam as well?

To know your JAMB Mock Examination center and Exam schedule you will have to reprint your JAMB Mock slip, on the reprinted Mock slip, you will find your exam date, center and time.

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How To Check JAMB Mock Center & Exam Date

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To be able to check for your JAMB Mock Exam date, you will have to do what we call Reprinting, on this reprinted slip contains the information you are interested in, such as; JAMB Mock Schedule, Exam Venue, time e.t.c.

To be able to print your JAMB Mock slip, there are two possible steps you can employ, they include;

  • Email you registered JAMB with (Recommended)
  • JAMB Mock Exam Reprinting Portal

P.S: Allow Pop-up from JAMB reprinting site from your browser.

1. Through Email Address

Create Email For Jamb
Create Email For JAMB

To check your JAMB mock slip using email, simply;

  • Locate your Mail service app on your android or Iphone device
  • Check for JAMB Mail sent to you, if not found in the inbox, check your Spam folder.
  • If found, go to any cyber-cafe to print it out.

It is that simple.

2. Via JAMB Mock Exam Reprinting Portal

Reprint JAMB mock slip
Reprint JAMB mock slip

You can also check your JAMB Mock Center by using JAMB Portal, the procedures on how to do this, have been itemized below…

Viola, your JAMB Mock Slip will be downloaded to your phone, where you can now print it out for late use.

In Conclusion

You can check your JAMB Mock center & time either through Email or by using JAMB Mock Reprint Portal, the steps for these have been explained in this post.

Whatever method you choose should do the Job perfectly.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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