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WAEC & JAMB Subject Combination For Computer Science 2023/2024

WAEC and JAMB Subject Combination For Computer Science: What are the JAMB Subject combination to study Computer Science in Nigeria?, Must I pass Maths in WAEC to study Computer Science?, what subjects are needed to study Computer Science?

Hey SAVANTS! Welcome to today’s episode of my “JAMB doctor Series” in this episode, you will see the correct WAEC and JAMB Subject combination for Computer Science, you will also see Direct entry requirement to study Computer Science through JAMB, JUPEB and IJMB, pretty cool right?… STAY TUNED!

computer science
computer science

For everyone who plans to study Computer Science in Nigeria, it is important and necessary you know the subjects that are required to becoming a Computer Scientist in Nigeria.

I have seen cases, where students who wish to study a particular course go ahead to register the wrong subject combination in JAMB and in their O’level (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) simply because they were not well informed and would later start searching for means with which correct the mistake.

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Luckily for you, with the aid of this guide you will be fully endowed with the required WAEC and JAMB Subject combination to study Computer Science in any University in Nigeria, mind you, this subject combination is the same for all Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education in Nigeria.

So, irrespective of the school you want to study in (UNIBEN, UI, UNILAG, DELSU e.t.c) these are the subjects you must enroll and pass to be eligible for admission to study computer science.

If you must study Computer Science in Nigeria you must first get a minimum of five (5) credits in your O’ level (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) core courses and enroll four (4) subjects in JAMB which you should score at least 220. P.S; See JAMB Cut off mark for all Schools


A. JAMB Recommended Physics Textbooks

B. JAMB Recommended Chemistry Textbooks

C. JAMB Recommended Biology Textbooks

D. JAMB Recommended Economics Textbooks

E. JAMB Recommended Government Textbooks

F. JAMB Recommended Use Of English Textbooks

G. JAMB Recommended Mathematics Textbooks

H. JAMB Recommended Literature In English Textbooks

I. JAMB Recommended Commerce Textbooks

J. JAMB Recommended Christian Religious Study (CRS) Textbooks

K. JAMB Recommended Textbooks For All Subjects

L. How JAMB Is Marked And Scored (All You Need To Know)

What Are The Subjects Required To Study Computer Science

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The subjects Required to study Computer Science in Nigeria are…

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Physics
  • Chemistry*
  • Biology*

Some of these subjects may not be required in some cases (JAMB or O’level), I will highlight each of this subject and in what instances they may be applicable or needed.

Biology and Chemistry: Biology and Chemistry subjects are core for your O’ level exams like WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or GCE. but for JAMB you may decide to or to not enroll Biology or chemistry, that is, neither Biology or chemistry is required in JAMB to study Computer Science it is only needed in your O’ level.

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Other Subjects: English Language, Physics and Mathematics are required for both JAMB and your O’ level if you must study Computer Science.

JAMB and WAEC Subjects to study Computer Science

To Study Computer Science, the follow subjects will be enrolled for JAMB and WAEC…

JAMB Subject Combination For Computer Science

Jamb Subject Combination for Computer Science
JAMB Subject Combination for Computer Science

The four (4) subjects you must enroll in JAMB (with Use of English compulsory irrespective of the course you intend to study) for Computer Science, are…

  • Use of English
  • Physics
  • Mathematics and
  • one (1) of Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics and Geography.

To be assured of admission, you will need a very high score in JAMB, let’s say 250 and above.

P.S; see my ultimate guide on How To Pass JAMB 2023/2024 With High Score (300+)

WAEC Subject Combination For Computer Science

Unlike JAMB, you will be required to sit for a minimum of Eight subjects (8) and a maximum of nine (9), out of this Nine or Eight subjects, five are core subjects specific for the course you wish to study which in this case is Computer Science.

In WAEC, core subjects to study Computer Science are…

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • English Language

The remaining three (3) or four (4) subjects will be determined by you.

Mind you: This subject combination for WAEC is applicable for all O’ level exams such as NECO, NABTEB e.t.c

By core I mean subjects that lean directly to your field. Failure to pass these core courses can deny a student admission.

Requirements To Study Computer Science Through Direct Entry

Student who which to study Computer Science through direct entry should have either of the following requirements…

Ensure to go through JAMB Brochure for remarks/waiver for Computer Science for the different Universities in Nigeria. Click me Now? for JAMB Brochure

Universities That Offers Computer Science

Not all Universities in Nigeria offers Computer Science, to help you guide your choice, I have provided you with the list of Universities that offers Computer Science in Nigeria…

  1. Adamawa State University
  2. Adekunle Ajasin University
  3. Afe Babalola University
  4. Ahmadu Bello University
  5. Ajayi Crowther University
  6. Akwa Ibom State University
  7. Ambrose Alli University
  8. Babcock University
  9. Bauchi State University
  10. Bayero University
  11. Baze University
  12. Benson Idahosa University
  13. Benue State University
  14. Bowen University
  15. Caleb University
  16. Caritas University
  17. Covenant University
  18. Ebonyi State University
  19. Ekiti State University
  20. Elizade University
  21. Federal University, of Agriculture, Abeokuta
  22. Federal University, of Petroleum Resources
  23. Federal University, of Technology, Akure
  24. Federal University, of Technology, Owerri
  25. Federal University,, Dutse
  26. Federal University,, Kashere,
  27. Federal University,, Lafia.
  28. Federal University,, Lokoja.
  29. Federal University Ndifu-Alike.
  30. Federal University Oye-Ekiti.
  31. Federal University Wukari.
  32. Fountain University
  33. Godfrey Okoye University Gregory University
  34. Gombe State University University of Ilorin
  35. Imo State University
  36. Joseph Ayo Babalola University
  37. Kano University of Science & Technology
  38. Kwara State University Kogi State University
  39. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology
  40. Lagos State University
  41. Landmark University
  42. Madonna University
  43. Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike
  44. Modibbo Adama University of Technology
  45. National Open University of Nigeria
  46. Niger Delta University
  47. Nnamdi Azikiwe University
  48. Northwest University
  49. Novenna University Nigerian-Turkish
  50. Nile University
  51. Oduduwa University
  52. Olabisi Onabanjo University
  53. Ondo State University of Science and Technology
  54. Osun State University
  55. Paul University
  56. Plateau State University
  57. Redeemer’s University
  58. Renaissance University
  59. Rhema University
  60. River State University of Science and Technology
  61. Salem University
  62. Samuel Adegboyega University
  63. Sokoto State University
  64. Southwestern University
  65. Tai Solarin University of Education
  66. University Of Cross River State
  67. University of Abuja
  68. University of Benin
  69. University of Calabar
  70. University of Jos
  71. Kaduna State University
  72. University of Lagos
  73. University of Nigeria
  74. University of Port-Harcourt
  75. University of Uyo
  76. Usumanu Danfodiyo University
  77. Wesley University of Science & Technology
  78. Western Delta University

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Computer compulsory for Computer Science in JAMB?

NO, Currently Computer is not a compulsory subject to sit for in JAMB if you want to study Computer Science, but it is accepted for Admission to study Computer Science, that is, instead of enrolling Chemistry or biology in JAMB, you can instead enroll computer as a subject in JAMB.

What are the compulsory subjects for Computer Science?

The Compulsory Subject for Computer Science In JAMB are Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, one (1) of Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics and Geography.

While for WAEC; English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Can I Write Computer Science In JAMB

YES, The Joint admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has enlisted Computer Science as a subject you can now sit for in JAMB. So, if you wish to study computer science and wish to add Computer subject as one of the subjects you want to sit for, you definitely can.

In Summary

To study Computer Science you need to sit for four (4) subjects in JAMB which are Physics, Use of English, Mathematics and one (1) of Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics and Geography. and have at least credits (C6) in your Five (5) core courses which includes: English, Maths, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

(I) Two (2) ‘A’ Level passes in science subjects including MathematicsFive (5) SSC credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics, Physics plus two (2) other Science subjects.Mathematics, Physics and one (1) of Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics and Geography.
(II) NCE merit in Mathematics and one (1) other Science or Social Science subject.
Summary table of JAMB Subject Combination to study Computer Science

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This will be all for now, do you have a question or two, or want to share your thoughts on this?, feel free to drop your comments using the comment box below.

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  1. Please what school accept biology as part of jamb subjects combination for computer science
    I’m really ????????
    Most are making chemistry compulsory
    I don’t want to waste my mark
    I scored 300

    1. It should, but most universities are yet to adopt the new subject change.

      Endeavour to use JAMB Eligibility checker to confirm if your school of choice accepts the combination you have in mind.

  2. Can computer science substitute chemistry in WAEC as a requirement to study computer science in convenient university?

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